The Law School Chronicles: 5 Reasons I Am Glad Not To Be A 1L

Second year of law school is in full effect and I am in such a better place than I was the first day of my 1L year. I am no longer the lost sheep trying to find her flock. I am no longer contemplating why I even decided to go to law school. I am now a 2L. I am  halfway to the finish line. I have been smiling a lot lately and I thought that in honor of the fact that I am no longer a 1L (and the fact that I am smiling), I would give y’all my top 5 reasons I am glad not to be a 1L (in no particular order).

Reason #1: You Can Pick Your Classes!!

When you’re a 1L, you don’t get to pick your classes. On the first day of school, you get a sheet of paper that tells you what courses you are assigned to take and when you are assigned to take it. I, being a carefree person, hated this fact. What if you were forced to take Contracts your first semester as oppose to your second semester, when you are more alert and comfortable with school. Well, I am glad to say that this is no longer the case when you enter your second year. You can take any class you want! Yes, you are now in control of your own destiny! Currently, I am taking Advertising Law which reminds me of an undergrad class (i.e., it’s really easy). Did I mention I don’t have classes on Friday?

Reason #2: You Are No Longer Scared to Death About The Unknown/Uncertainty That Is Law School

OMG, this is major. I don’t think I even have the words to describes this relief. Law school is hell and the first year is its capital. Nothing really prepares you for law school–or better yet, nothing prepares you for your reaction to law school. More than likely, you will have a break down or two. You will be reading and reading and then suddenly, you close your book and just cry, or momentarily give up on life (or maybe this is just me). By far the worst part is the fact that your grade is based on one exam. It is this uncertainty that leaves you always on edge. You don’t know where you stand–if  you are doing well or not. If you’re smart or not. But you stick it through and somehow, someway, you end up on the other side. Nothing is as bad as your first year and after taking a 9 hour straight exam, I am no longer scared of law school.

Reason #3: You Get To Do More Lawyerly Things

When you are in your first year, all you do is sleep, go to class, and study.  All your courses are theory-based and nothing is practical. Sure you might be forced to attend mock trial or moot court, but that is about it. The great thing about finishing your first year is that fact that you can start beginning to be a lawyer. You can do internships, practicums, and externships. You can take classes that are actually interesting and applicable to your career goals. You can try out for Journal, Mock Trial, and Moot Court. You finally feel like you are a soon-to-be-lawyer–and you start dressing the part.

Reason #4: You Actually Have a Social Life

Well, sorta. As the saying goes: first year they scare you to death, second year they work you to death, and third year they bore you to death. So well you are not constantly studying like you were your 1L year, you do have extracurricular that take up a lot of your time. However, ideally these are activities that you love and look forward to doing. You get to experience something different and make new friends in the process. As a 2L, there is more time to sleep, laugh, and play.

Reason #5: Your Just Happier

This goes without saying. Your first year is tough so when it is finally over, you have this new-found happiness. There is a weight lifted off your shoulders. You feel like you just finished a marathon, and you sort of did. You get to go home and visit your family, go on vacation, and start the internship of your dream. You are just happy. This happiness carries on to the beginning of your 2L year. Especially, when you see all the 1Ls looking confused and having no clue what lies ahead.


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