The Spin Cycle (Retro Message)

I was listening to a T.D. Jakes sermon yesterday and it really resonated with me. Probably because I know I am in the spin cycle. As a 25-year-old black woman who just graduated law school and is currently in the process of moving and studying for the bar exam–I am beyond stressed. Not to say that this isn’t a happy time (which is debatable), but I don’t even have time to enjoy life because life waits for no man (or woman).

That was T.D. Jakes’ message: life comes at us fast and we don’t have time to even process it because we are in the spin cycle. The spin cycle is a traumatic place. In the spin cycle, God is the potter and we are the clay. We have to trust that even as we are being molded into something, God has a plan. That while everything seems chaotic and upside down, God knows what he is doing.

T.D. Jakes is right.

Who are we to question the potter? Did we make ourselves? Or did some higher being make and choose us? We have to remain content NOT complacent. And there is a difference. Content is changing what we can and learning to accept the things we cannot change. Complacency is not even attempting to change anything, it’s believing that life is what it is and there is no point in dreaming big or changing.

I had to check myself because I was becoming the angry bitter clay that was questioning the potter. But as T.D. Jakes quoted from the book of Isaiah, “Yet a little while.” That means that God has a plan over our life and soon we will come out of the spin cycle victorious. We have to learn that whatever state we are in, we must be content.

Now I know some of us might not be religious but regardless of whether we believe in God or not, I believe this message will help us in this journey called life.

Until next time, stay curious.


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